Baseball Mogul 16 - Coming April 4, 2016
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Who's Who at Sports Mogul

Clayton Dreslough

President, Technical Lead, Producer, Programmer

Clay has been writing sports simulations and strategy games since he was 7 years old and started programming computer games at the age of 10. He earned his B.A. in Government at before going to work at Stormfront Studios in San Rafael, California on their Tony LaRussa Baseball 3 product. Most recently, Clay was the Team Leader and Lead Programmer for the development of Microsoft Baseball, a statistical and live-action multimedia baseball simulation for Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows95. As a "leading Windows 95 game developer," Clay was chosen as the speaker at the May 1995 meeting of BACED (Bay Area Computer Entertainment Developers). Clay spoke in May, 1997 at the Computer Game Developers' Conference in Long Beach, CA.

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Connor Milliken

Lead Game Designer, Communications Lead

Connor has been with Mogul for several years now, starting out as an intern while in school at Daniel Webster college. After graduation Connnor quickly became a creative fixture in the company, working alongside Clay to create "Masters of the Gridiron" as well as improving both the Football and Baseball downloadable games.

Connor can be reached through support@sportsmogul.com

Deirdre 'Dee' Dreslough

Business Manager, Web Manager, Artist

Dee has filled numerous roles in the computer entertainment field, from sole administrator of Prodigy's successful multi-player on-line game, Rebel Space, to President and founder of Living Fiction , a tax-exempt corporation dedicated to promoting education and interactive world-building through computers. She worked on quality assurance for Eagle Eye Mysteries and Eagle Eye Mysteries in London, two critically acclaimed "edutainment" products from Electronic Arts popular EA Kids line. As Art Director of the Starweb on-line game for Multi-Player Games Network, Dee wrote the product specification and designed and implemented the user interface and all the art, but the game was never finished. Dee assisted with the development of a number of games as consultant at Grolier Electronic Publishing. Most recently, Dee completed her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at the University of Connecticut. Dee is always working on a new set of Fantasy/Sci-Fi art pieces. See her web page for details.

Dee can be reached at support@sportsmogul.com

Special Thanks to Angi Shearstone of Shearstone Creative LLC, and Ian Smith for providing their talents to the team on a freelance basis!